Off Season

a picture of the book cover for the book off season

Off Season was Jack Ketchum's first novel

This was my third Ketchum book to read, although it was his first to write. Last week I read “The Girl Next Door”, followed by “The Woman”

Ketchum has a way with readers. He doesn’t like them. Or rather, he enjoys setting up situations where his characters can be tortured, raped, mutilated, and generally overwhelmed with the futility of life, then he takes us on a slow tour through hell.

It’s not that Ketchum is a bad writer. Far from it. He knows his craft and takes his time setting up his stories. And I think if you have a taste for this sort of genre, you’ll like him a lot. Personally, I was amazed at first with his work but then became slowly dulled to it. After so much disgust, it all kind of runs together. I guess Ketchum was doing torture porn long before Saw came around? I must say he does it a lot better.

Off season is a good read if you have the stomach for it.

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