Garrity Power Lite

A picture of the 3-LED Garrity Power Lite

The Garrity Power Lite is replacing all of our flashlights

A year ago, I bought a Garrity Lower Lite from Amazon. I figured what the heck? Might be fun to have a flashlight that doesn’t require batteries. We could always use it in an emergency and we wouldn’t have to worry about keeping fresh batteries close to it.

After it arrived and I got it out of the packing, I had a bit of a nerd moment. You see, the light feels strangely like a Star Trek Type II phaser. Not exactly, but enough that it made me want to walk around the house saying “engage” a bit.

That wasn’t the only surprise. I also found that the light was very bright for a flashlight. LED technology has come a long way in a few years. The light has a low and high setting, and it’s way too bright to shine into somebody’s eyes (although it does have a weird, flat, blue color).

And what do you know? I could charge up the light in just a few seconds for most of the things I needed a flashlight to do. It wasn’t difficult at all. In fact, it was kind of fun turning the crank and hearing the dynamo wind up.

So the Garrity Power Lite became my new favorite flashlight. I use it all the time. A couple of months ago, I bought several more. We’re throwing out most of our old lights and just going with the Garrity. Sometimes when you do the green, environmental thing you can actually get something you enjoy more and it saves you money! Goodbye flashlight batteries!

I’d recommend the Garrity Power Lite to just about anyone. If you have a problem using cranks, then at least buy some other LED flashlight. They’re a much better product than all that older stuff.

Make it so. :)

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